Vegetarian Range

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To place a full order that covers all 28 recipes, you will need to buy one of each item in this range, apart from these products of which you will need the following:

2 x Royal crown red kidney beans

2 x Combine Thai foods vermicicelli noodles

2 x Cook Asia coconut milk

2 x Growers Pride carrots

2 x Galbani mozzerella balls

3 x Onions, sliced frozen

3 x Blue Dragon tofu

3 x Loveseitan funky chyckn bites

8 x Napolina chopped tomatoes


2 Items

  1. Everyday Favourites Sesame Seeds
    Everyday Favourites Sesame Seeds
    Each: 590G
    Case: 6 x 590G
    Each Case
    Stock available
  2. Everyday Favourites Ground Cumin
    Everyday Favourites Ground Cumin
    Each: 450G
    Case: 6 x 450G
    Each Case
    Stock available
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